A digital solution to provide tailored hospital guidelines

Our goal was to create a digital solution to provide tailored guidelines for drug and treatment management to staff, in multiple different hospitals.

Challenges to Solve:

  • Previously, showcased hospital guidelines as PDF on an intranet, which was difficult to access
  • Lack of compliance to hospital procedures, wasting valuable time and creating confusion between what actual hospital standards were
  • Client had no knowledge of app development
  • Complicated National Health Service (NHS) regulations to meet
  • Developing through period GDPR was being implemented, where client-side team had little understanding of regulations

Work Flow

Our Working Process


Joint Research







Our Solution

An Android and iOS mobile app, which could provide the hospital guidelines in an organised way, tailored for hospital staff at specific hospitals.

Supplemented with a web-based content management system to edit and publish guidelines in real-time, whilst providing push notifications to notify users of important changes in treatment policies.

What We Helped Achieve

The Outcome

Improved Patient Safety

Enhanced adherence to hospital guidelines, empowering hospital staff to carryout correct procedures and help the hospital reduce the number of incidents

Saved Hospital Staff Time

Improved accessibility to guidelines helped, reduce the amount of time hospital staff had to spend explaining things, which were already included in the guidelines

Franchise Model

Through lean development, we helped provide and prove a franchise model, which is allowing our client to offer the mobile platform to other partnering hospitals

Technical Features

  • Android & iOS mobile app
  • React Native
  • Web admin solution
  • Push notifications
  • Complex search
  • Content management system
  • Multi admin hierarchy
  • Usage analytics


Love From Our Client

Cost Benefits Achieved

An invaluable enhancement to patient safety and provide better patient recovery

Helped doctors work more efficiently and improve their performance, helping the hospital financially

Helped reduced the number of incidents, where each incident has an approximate cost of £3,520

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