Solution to control your home from your mobile, anywhere

Provide monitoring and control to improve living and security for homeowners, which works with a variety of IoT devices and smart-home hardware

Challenges to Solve:

  • Achieve compatibility with hundreds of different devices
  • Provide live streams from security cameras and monitors of activity in the house in an easy-to-use way
  • Have emergency proptocols setup, so in the case of an emergency, such as a break-in, emergency calls and alerts are carried out successfully
  • Provide a React Native solution to an already built native mobile application
  • Working with multiple devices meant having to carry-out numerous testing, therefore an appropriate solution had to be carried out

Work Flow

Our Working Process


Joint Research







Our Solution

An Android and iOS mobile app, which could provide the hospital guidelines in an organised way, tailored for hospital staff at specific hospitals.

Supplemented with a web-based content management system to edit and publish guidelines in real-time, whilst providing push notifications to notify users of important changes in treatment policies.

What We Helped Achieve

The Outcome

Improved Residental Safety

By improving the mobile solution and implementing emergency alerts and better monitoring, residents are able to feel more safe and report incidents more effectively

Significant Development Saving

By creating and testing an excellent user-story, we were able to achieve a solution to integrate the React Native into the native platform without rewriting the whole application

Enhancing Their Business Model

Through working closely and transparently with our client we were able to provide them with more abilities to generate revenue and expand their partnerships with other businesses

Technical Features

  • Android & iOS mobile app
  • React Native
  • WebRTC
  • Push notifications
  • eCommerce function
  • Content management system
  • Live chat
  • Emergency calls

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