An IoT solution to help people brush their teeth better

Create a device and mobile application to help people brush their teeth correctly and positively reward them for it - whilst providing their dentist insight into helping them improve their oral health

Challenges to Solve:

  • Need to create a technical solution from scratch, as one was not available on the market
  • How can you provide realtime feedback to users, which is easy to interpret to help users brush their teeth correctly
  • Create a habit forming user experience
  • Requirement to maintain patient privacy, whilst offering data to the patient’s authorised dentist securely

Press & Awards

Work Flow

The Process


Research & Planning







The Solution

A small device, which attaches to any toothbrush (manual or electric), tracking the user’s brushing activity. Connects to a custom developed iOS and Android mobile app, which provides live feedback to manoeuvre the user to correct brushing.

Track performance through the app and earn points for correct brushing, which can be redeemed for monetary benefits.

Provide an admin panel for dentists to create custom brushing plans and track their brushing.

Helping Achieve

The Outcome

Raised £600k Seed Funding

With the prototype and after manufacturing, Brushlink were able to achieve over £600k (surpassing their target of £400k) on crowdfunding platform, Seedrs

Using Prevention to Better Oral Health

Working with dental professionals around the world, the company are making great strides in improving oral health through prevention for both children and adults

Best Oral Hygiene Technology Product

Winners of Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s "Best Oral Hygiene Technology Product" and "Most Innovative Dental Technology Company in the UK" awards

Technical Features

  • Android & iOS mobile app
  • Web admin panel
  • Push notifications
  • Secure handling of user data
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Data syncing from hardware
  • Rewards management system
  • Brushing score algorithm

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